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    • Technological solutions that change traditional habits
    Features such as contemporary and aesthetic appearance, practical application and price advantage compared to alternatives enable Metal Kenet Roof Systems to be preferred safely by many people. One of the unique products that revolutionized the roof.


    The only option for a smooth and precise solution on the roof
    Metal Seam Roof Systems, produced with superior technology as a result of various researches by Kenet roof, make waterproofing on the roof a problem. Metal Clamp Roofing Systems provide an aesthetic appearance to the structures with its perforated, seamless and smooth surface formed at the panel joints.
    Metal Kenet Roof Systems are safely preferred by many as the latest solution brought by Kenet roof to the problems experienced in roofs for years.
    Superior Advantages of Technological Solution
    Superior load carrying capacity and durability
    Clamp roof Clamp Roof Systems provide additional structural strength on the roof with small beams formed longitudinally as a result of the clamp system, and this structural strength greatly increases the resistance against the snow load accumulated on the roof. The production of 55 aluminum-zinc coated sheet also prevents the product from being affected by the nature conditions. This superior feature of the system provides the product's raw material to the moisture, abrasion, chemical reaction, corrosion and aging resistance.
    Good quality and economical
    Metal Kenet Roof System, which is a unique product offered by Kenet roof to the construction sector, brings together superior Kenet roof quality and economy at the same point; Those who prefer this perfect alternative on roofs are also profitable in every respect.
    The practical application features of the merger details in the seam roof systems allow easy assembly.
    While the panels forming the system are lighter than other coating materials, it saves transportation and roof substructure material, while these unique features of the system allow users to gain additional labor and installation time.
    The panels forming the Seam Roof System can be used on the roofs of new buildings as well as on the existing roofs without removing the roof.
    The production and assembly time of the panels are very short, and the features such as minimizing the waste due to the fact that it can be produced in the desired lengths make the Metal Clamp Roof Systems more economical than other coating materials.
    Aesthetic and modern look
    The structure of the seams from the ridge to the warmth from the ridge to the warmth is provided with an aesthetic and modern appearance to the structure with the shadow and texture lines that appear in the overall appearance of the roof.
    The perfect example of modern design, maximum care in every detail
    Combining technology, contemporary design and exquisite workmanship in a single product, Kenet Roof produces products for tomorrow's lifestyle today with Kenet Roof Systems. Kenet Roof, which offers 3 types of alternatives to its users, with its 1100 series, 1300 series and 2000 series. it offers real value for money as "quality".

    • Metal Clamp Types 1100 SERIES 1300 SERIES 2000 SERIES • 1100 SERIES Clamp Roof Systems • CLIP – CLAMP CONNECTION • 1300 SERIES Clamp Roof System Load Carrying Table CLIP-CLAMP CONNECTION 2000 SERIES Clamp Roof System Load Bearing Table CLIP-KENET CONNECTION Clamp Roof System Application Methods • Clamp roof Clamp Roof Systems can be applied in two different ways. 1. Water-resistant plywood (10- 20 mm.), A sufficient thickness of thermal insulation material, damp-cutting membrane and clamped roofing material are laid on the carrier construction (wood or metal) and clamped. 2. Moisture-proof membrane and clamped roofing material are laid on the flat type metal shell structure, in which heat insulation material is laid, and the clamp is made. In both options, it is necessary to fix the special clip elements in place with an interval of 60 cm before clamping. • Installation Rules for Highest Efficiency Laying the roof cover Transporting the panel Attaching the clips Screwing Clips Mounting the Panel Locking the Panels Completing the Assembly

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